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How efficient and clean are underfloor heating systems?

Traditional central heating systems work by heating water in the radiator. This then heats the air which creates air currents as warm air rises and cold air falls due to differences in their density. This creates a temperature differential in the room with the ceiling space being heated first. This can create a stuffy environment and can result in an uncomfortable feeling of “hot head / cold feet”.

Radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat distribution available. The objects in the room are heated first and they then gently warm the surrounding air. This means that the air temperatures can be lowered in the room whilst still maintaining comfort levels, resulting in a reduction in heating bills.

As the air does not circulate there are no draughts created. Dust is not circulated in the room which brings higher comfort levels, especially for allergy sufferers. There is more even vertical heat distribution throughout the room which is far closer to the ideal distribution. 

Radiant Heat Comparison
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