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Did you know that in the UK up to 60% of the average domestic household energy bill can be attributed with the energy use just to heat your premises?

We can’t control the cost of Electricity or Gas but we can use more efficient options to heat our homes. One simple solution is to consider Flexel’s Far Infrared Heating options as listed below. These panels are up to 50% more efficient than traditional electric convection heaters and are much quicker at heating you – rather than the ceiling void in a room.

Our range of directional heaters can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted, freeing up valuable low wall space in the room where traditional heater need to be placed. With no moving parts they are also maintenance free and can be placed out of reach of children to avoid any mishaps.

Our heaters are ideal for all domestic internal rooms, extensions, conservatories, basements, garages, sheds, garden rooms and other outbuilding, so we have something to suit your needs – practically and aesthetically.

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