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Ceiling Heating

Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels

Flexel’s range of radiant heating panels suitable for ceiling mounting are a great way to free up valuable wall space where traditional heaters would be positioned low down in a room.

This is an option with Flexel’s product due to the technology involved in utilising Far Infrared instead of a heater surface radiator, which relies on convection heating to heat the air.

Far Infrared is directional and can be used in the ceiling area to heat below the product giving a quicker and more comfortable heating experience than air heating can provide.

Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heating

Below you can view our range including ECOFILM C heating panels, similar to our ECOFILM floor product and one of our first products to be manufactured when we established in 1978. 

The other options are our high-temperature commercial infrared heating panels designed to heat open spaces efficiently from the smallest rooms to the largest warehouses!

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  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOFILM C Ceiling Heating

    Our ECOFILM C ceiling heating film is designed for new and refurbishment projects where the ceiling area provides a large surface to efficiently heat a room of any size using Far Infrared technology to heat you up within minutes.
  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN C+ Infrared Heating Cassettes

    Our ECOSUN C+ unit is a ceiling mounting heights between 2.5m - 4.0m designed for UK Ceiling Grid System or to be ceiling mounted with our optional brackets. Available in 2 sizes in white. Optional mounting bracket available.
  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN TH High Output Space Heater

    Our ECOSUN TH unit is ideal for directional heating from wall or ceiling mounting heights between 1.8m - 4.0m. Available in 2 sizes in anti glare black. Mounting bracket and protection grills available.
  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN S+ High Output Space Heater

    Our ECOSUN S+ unit is ideal for large space heating with ceiling mounting heights between 3.5m - 8.0m. Available in 6 sizes in white with grey panels. Mounting bracket and protection grills available.