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Underfloor Heating & Infrared Heaters

Our range of Underfloor Heating & Infrared Heaters, thermostats and accessories provide a warm, comfortable environment, by utilising Far Infrared heat. Infrared heating systems work by warming people and the colder surfaces in the room first rather than depending on air circulation like traditional convection heating systems such as water based central heating systems, air blowers and traditional high wattage electric heaters.

See our complete product range, including infrared heaters, electric underfloor heating, ceiling heating, thermostats and more by clicking on the appropriate category link below.

Underfloor<br> Heating

Whether you want a primary source of heat, or simply want to take the chill off floor tiles, our range of floor heating systems will meet your needs.

Underfloor Heating


Flexel’s range of ceiling heating products are a great way to free up valuable wall space where traditional heaters would be positioned low down in a room.

Ceiling Heating

Infrared Heating <br>Panels

We have been manufacturing far infrared heaters, for both commercial and domestic applications, in our UK factory since 1978.

Infrared Heating Panels

Controls & <br>Accessories

Our quality range of heating systems is complimented by an extensive selection of thermostats and other accessories.

Controls & Accessories

Outside<br> Applications

Electric underfloor heating is at the heart of Flexel International, but this has inspired a whole range of products.

Outside Applications

Pipe Freeze<br> Protection

Protecting your pipes during winter is vital if you want to avoid the mess and expense of dealing with a burst pipe.

Pipe Freeze Protection

Mirror Demister<br> Pads

Mirror Demisters are the simple and safe answer to steamed up mirrors in areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms

Mirror Demister Pads

Why Choose Flexel?

Flexel International Ltd has been designing and manufacturing innovative electric infrared heaters and underfloor heating systems for world markets for the past 40 years. These radiant heating products span applications such as underfloor heating, ceiling heating, radiant heaters, snow and ice protection and mirror demisters.

As part of the Fenix Group of companies, with production facilities in both the UK and throughout Europe, we are one of the world’s largest Electric Heating equipment manufacturers in the world today.

Flexel Underfloor Heating & Infrared Heaters - Made in the UK

Infrared & Underfloor Heating Catalogues

Underfloor Heating <br>Catalogue

Download our latest Underfloor Heating Systems catalogue packed with all our underfloor heating, ceiling heating, mirror demister pads and snow & ice prevention options. 

View or Download

Infrared Heating <br>Catalogue

Download our latest Infrared Heating Systems catalogue which includes all our Infrared Heaters for domestic, commercial and church heating as well as our IR Controls, 

View or Download

View All <br>Flexel Downloads

Take a look through our Download Page to see our complete range of brochures, company approvals and product instructions for our controllers, UFH and IR products.

View all Downloads

Flexel Product Videos

Electric underfloor heating is a convenient, efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home.
Unlike conventional radiators, which rely on air currents to heat the home, electric underfloor heating utilises radiant heat. This naturally seeks out the coldest objects and people in the room, gently warming them. In turn, this means there are no temperature differences in the room. There is also no need for unsightly radiators, which means you will be able to use additional floor space.
Radiant heat, sometimes known as far infrared heating, is a highly efficient method of heating your home. The system has no moving parts, so it is easy to maintain, and can be used under all floor coverings.

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