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Church Heating

Our Church Heating range is a collection of low wattage heating products designed primarily to heat people in a church premises but have been used as a solution for numerous locations where close proximity, lower temperature heating is required such as at work stations, under desks, under till counters in retail environments with our ECOSUN K+ units, and to heat small retail units, smaller offices, garages, sheds, garden rooms conservatories and smaller out buildings with our ECOSUN TH heaters.

A building with a large volume like a traditional church with a high atrium presents many challenges to overcome. The high ceilings and large open spaces means that heating the air is extremely expensive. In addition, to heat a poorly insulated and infrequently used building from cold to a comfortable air temperature would take a very long time and consume a great deal of energy.

In many traditional churches it would not be permissible to fit heaters to walls or suspend them from the roof for aesthetic reasons. Any source of heat would also have to be silent and as unobtrusive as possible. We have a variety of infrared heating solutions that could be considered for use in churches and similar old and high heat loss premises.

For new church buildings, where heaters can be fixed to the wall or ceiling, the ECOSUN TH or the ECOSUN S+ range should be considered. Both options provide highly efficient infrared heating for large spaces. For office spaces where the ceiling is an option we would recommend our ECOSUN CR ceiling mounted units.


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  • Church Heating

    ECOSUN CH Pew Heating Panel

    Our ECOSUN CH unit is ideal for low temperature close proximity personal heating under pews and benches. Available in 3 sizes in anti glare black. Supplied with mounting bracket and protection grill.
  • Church Heating

    ECOSUN K+ Pew Heating Panel

    Our ECOSUN K+ unit is ideal for low temperature close proximity personal heating for mounting under office desks, reception desks, counters, supermarket tills or church pew fronts. Available in 5 sizes in brown.
  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN C+ Infrared Heating Cassettes

    Our ECOSUN C+ unit is a ceiling mounting heights between 2.5m - 4.0m designed for UK Ceiling Grid System or to be ceiling mounted with our optional brackets. Available in 2 sizes in white. Optional mounting bracket available.
  • ECOFILM Raised Platform
    Church Heating

    ECOFILM Raised Platform

    If there is difficulty suitably locating heating within an older building we can offer a simple solution to heating small areas such as choir seating with our raised platform solution.