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About Flexel

Flexel International have been manufacturing and supplying innovative electric heating systems and accessories to the world market since 1978. Our range includes underfloor heating, ceiling heating, frost protection cables, mirror demister pads and far infrared heating panels.

In 2003 we merged with the Fenix Group of companies and today are one of 13 companies under their banner with production facilities in the UK, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The Group is now one of the largest and most influential organisations involved in the manufacture and marketing of large surface area radiant heating.

What is radiant heat?
Radiant heating (also known as far infrared heating) is utilised by all our heating products. This system heats the objects in the room, rather than the air. This creates a comfortable, even heat throughout the area and also reduces drafts. Electric underfloor heating is a highly efficient, low-cost way to heat your home. Contact Flexel to find out more.

Contact Details

If you wish to receive information about any of our radiant heating products please contact us via our online enquiries form or at the following:
Telford Road, Glenrothes

Our Area Manager Contacts

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