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Pipe Freeze Protection

Protecting your pipes during winter is vital if you want to avoid the mess and expense of dealing with a burst pipe. That is why pipe freeze protection cables from Flexel are such a wise investment.

These cables can be easily attached to vulnerable pipes indoors or outside. These will then switch on when there is a danger of the pipe freezing, ensuring water continues flowing and your home and premises are protected.

Inspired by our range of electric underfloor heating cables, pipe freeze protection cables are quick and easy to install and economical to run. They are ideal for domestic and commercial use, particularly in unheated or heard to heat areas.

Uses such for domestic water pipes, supply pipes caravans, camping premises, on-site water supply for fixed or temporary work locations,  construction sites – where water supply is essential for staff and works, hotels, pubs, clubs, retail, industrial and commercial premises, breweries, factories etc.

Don’t wait until its too late! Install your pipe freeze protection cables now to avoid and mishaps over the cold period.

Pipe Freeze Products

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