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Infrared & Underfloor Heating Thermostats and Accessories

Our range of heating systems is complimented by an extensive selection of electric underfloor heating thermostats and other accessories. These include:

  • Thermostats
  • Insulation
  • Overlay
  • Fixing strips and clips

Our electric underfloor heating thermostats are easy to install and simple to use. Whether you go for a manual dial, a digital programmer or an innovative touchscreen model, they provide complete control over your underfloor heating system.

Flexel’s range of insulation boards will ensure your system works efficiently. Insulation dramatically cuts heat up times and will save money on your energy bills. All our electric underfloor heating thermostats and other accessories are designed to work seamlessly with our heating systems.

Our range of ECOSUN infrared heating panels can simply be plugged in. They are not fitted with built in controls. The use of the latest controls can substantially reduce the energy consumption in buildings. The lower consumption and increased energy efficiency significantly reduces operating costs without sacrificing comfort.

The Flexel-Touch Range

Our Flexel-Touch range is designed to be the simplest to use electric floor heating control and is available in Touchscreen and WiFi-enabled versions, and comes packed with innovative features to optimise your comfort and minimise running costs.

The FlexelTouch features an intuitive, easy to use touchscreen for easy adjustments, easy installation, energy monitoring features and attractive styling in a choice of colours.

Products and systems from Flexel are designed to provide ideal climate conditions, in any living space or work environment, with the lowest possible energy consumption.

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  • ADT50---Ecofloor
    Controls & Accessories

    EcoFloor Accessories

  • Flexel-Touch-Thermostat-Main-Image
    Controls & Accessories

    FlexelTouch – Touch Screen Thermostat

    FlexelTouch is a fully programmable touch screen thermostat that is hardwired to any of our products for full room controllability.
  • Controls & Accessories

    FlexelTouch WiFi Thermostat

    Our latest FlexelTouch WiFi thermostat unit is a fully programmable touch screen that is hardwired to any of our product for full room WiFi App controllability.
  • Controls & Accessories

    Central Wireless Thermostat (V24/ V24WiFi)

    Our wireless programmable touchscreen thermostat works with our V23 received unit. The system can control up to 24 zones. Suitable for use with any of our products.
  • Controls & Accessories

    Tamper Proof Room Thermostat

    Our tamper proof thermostat is designed for simple control of our ECOSUN radiant heating panels. Ideal for public areas, schools or care homes, where a constant temperature is needed.
  • Controls & Accessories

    Wireless Programmable Thermostat (V22)

    Our battery operated programmable wireless V22 unit works with our V23 and V24 units as an override temperature control for precise individual room settings.
  • Controls & Accessories

    Manual Thermostat with Dial

    For simple control of infrared heating panels in commercial applications. Bimetal technology with heat anticipator for high precision.
    Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX Cement Coated Insulation Board

    ECOMAX Cement Coated Insulation Boards are recommend for under ECOFLOOR and ECOFLEX to prevent sub-floor heat loss.
  • Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX-XPS Uncoated Insulation Board

    ECOMAX-XPS Uncoated Insulation Boards are recommended for under ECOFLOOR over concrete floors for professional installers
  • ECOMAX-DUO Dual Board Overlay System
    Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX-DUO Dual Board Overlay System

    ECOMAX-DUO Overlay Boards are for use with ECOFILM and ECOFOIL under Carpet and Vinyl to provide a more rigid surface to protect the element.
  • ECOMAX-Lite-Product-image
    Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation

    ECO-MAX Lite Thermal Insulation must be used when installing ECOFILM to prevent heat loss below the elements.

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