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Commercial Infrared Heating

Standard heating options for large open spaces such as commercial premises, retail units, industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, shops, function halls and sports halls in general are extremely ineffective and costly to run and maintain due to heat rising to the roof space.

Our ECOSUN range utilise far infrared heating. This differs from conventional convection heaters or air blower heaters as it:

  • Heats objects, not the air
  • Does not rely on air currents
  • Reduces temperature variations

Far infrared heating naturally seeks out the coldest objects in the room to heat. These objects then gently heat the surrounding air. Conventional radiators heat the air. This hot air then rises, cold air falls and the cycle continues. However, this means that the air at the ceiling will always be warmer than the floor.

By using far infrared heating, Flexel underfloor heating systems eliminate these variations in temperature, resulting in a more comfortable environment. Radiant panels are intended for the heating of large spaces and they can also be used for the local heating of designated areas (zonal temperature maintenance) when used on walls at lower levels and directed to where the heating is needed most. Our panels are most effective and efficient when mounted or hung from the ceiling using a chains, cords or with the help of installation brackets.

We have been manufacturing far infrared heaters, for both commercial and domestic applications, in our UK factory since 1978. The core of our heating technology is in the carbon loaded resins used in the manufacture of our heating element. Continuous development and refinement over the years has resulted in a thin-film heating element with proven longevity. Many of our original units are still in service today. Our panels contain no moving parts , the only mechanical device is a high limit thermal cut-out. Our far infrared heating panels have a service life in the decades.


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  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN C+ Infrared Heating Cassettes

    Our ECOSUN C+ unit is a ceiling mounting heights between 2.5m - 4.0m designed for UK Ceiling Grid System or to be ceiling mounted with our optional brackets. Available in 2 sizes in white. Optional mounting bracket available.
  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN TH High Output Space Heater

    Our ECOSUN TH unit is ideal for directional heating from wall or ceiling mounting heights between 1.8m - 4.0m. Available in 2 sizes in anti glare black. Mounting bracket and protection grills available.
  • Ceiling Heating

    ECOSUN S+ High Output Space Heater

    Our ECOSUN S+ unit is ideal for large space heating with ceiling mounting heights between 3.5m - 8.0m. Available in 6 sizes in white with grey panels. Mounting bracket and protection grills available.
  • Commercial Infrared Heating

    ECOSUN PC Pet Heating Cassette

    Our ECOSUN PC is a small heating unit designed to heat close proximity animals in pens such as catteries, kennels, rabbits, calfs, lambs and pigs to keep animals warm in cooler weather. Available in 2 sizes in white.