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Do I need insulation?

Installing Ecomax insulation boards is highly recommended when fitting Flexel International cable mats or loose heating cable. The insulation boards will dramatically cut warm up times. This will mean less energy is used heating the floor. As a result, your bills will be lower.

While it is highly recommended that you install insulation boards under cable mats or loose cable, it is not necessary if you cannot build the floor up.

However, if you are installing EcoFilm heating element, it is vital that you use the EcoMax-Lite insulation. This will protect the element from any moisture in the sub-floor, which can cause nuisance tripping of the RCD. The insulation also provides excellent sound insulation, which is vital when using a laminate floor covering.

Whatever underfloor heating system you use, it is sensible to invest in proper insulation. This will keep your system running efficiently and save you money over the life of the system.

Underfloor HeatingHeat Up Time
Timber sub-floor with 10mm Ecomax insulation0.5 hours
Concrete sub-floor with 10mm Ecomax insulation 1 hour
Concrete Sub-floor with insulation below the concrete slab 2-5 hours
Un-insulated concrete3-8+ hours

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