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What does underfloor heating offer that traditional heating does not?

There are many benefits of electric underfloor heating compared to traditional central heating systems. Flexel underfloor heating systems utilise radiant heat. This uses infrared energy to heat the people and objects in the room. This means that the overall temperature can be lowered will still maintaining a comfortable environment.

Traditional radiators heat the air in the room. This causes air circulation, as the changes in density cause hot air to rise and cold air to fall. As well as causing temperature differentials in the room (it will be hotter nearer the ceiling compared to the floor), the circulating air can also move dust and other allergens around the room.

This has obvious implications to sufferers of asthma and similar conditions. Radiant underfloor heating does not cause air circulation, which means allergens are not spread around the room. Other benefits include:

  • • Luxury of a heated floor, especially in winter
  • • Keeps wall space free from radiators
  • • Low surface temperature (typically 27-30°C, compared to 65-80°C for a conventional radiator system)
  • • Reduced temperature differences and reduced dust circulation.
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