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How do I choose the right radiant heating panels?

At Flexel International we manufacture and supply a wide range of radiant heating panels. The panel that is right for you depends on your own personal preferences and requirements.

For example, if you want a discrete source of heating, you may want to consider a ceiling panel. This will provide energy efficient radiant heating without taking up any wall space. However, if you want a radiant heating panel to be a focal point in your room, you should choose one of our custom printed heating panels.

These include a high quality digital print. This can be one of a selection of beautiful standard prints, or you can send your own image to be added. There are also textured radiant heating panels available.

The textured surface, which increases the surface area by 2.5 times, results in more efficient heat generation. There are many options including radiant panel size, colour, surface texture and wall or ceiling mounting. The design of your room, the décor and budget should all be considered when choosing a radiant heating panel.

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