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What are typical running costs of radiant heating panels?

Compared to traditional radiators, radiant heating panels are highly efficient – which leads to lower running costs.

Traditional convection radiators work by heating the air around them. The air circulates around the room, eventually heating the people and objects in the room. However, heating the air in this way can take a long time. And if you are trying to heat a large room, this can take a lot of energy. This results in high costs.

Radiant heating panels do not waste energy attempting to heat the air. Instead, infrared energy is emitted which directly heats the people and objects in the room. As a result, the temperature can be reduced without affected comfort levels. A radiant heating panel will provide the same level of comfort as a convection radiator using typically 40% of the power. For example, a 500W GR panel from Flexel International would provide the same comfort level as a 1200W convection heater.

Based a tariff where electricity is 12.5p/kWh, and the panel being on for five hours a day, the GR panel would cost about 25p a day to run.

The convection heater would cost around 75p a day. This results in savings of around £60 per year. However, the savings from radiant heating panels could be even greater.

The example does not take heat up times into account. Radiant panels provide almost instantaneous heat, so they will probably be kept on for less time than convection heaters. Convection heaters have to warm up slowly, and then they have to warm the surrounding air. It is only then that people will begin to feel the warmth.

Running costs are bound to be one of the biggest considerations when looking at an electric heater. That is why we are so proud of our energy efficient range of radiant heating panels.

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