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Flexel Far Infrared Heating

Flexel Far Infrared Heating – the second most efficient option for electric heating

It’s difficult to argue against Air Source Heat Pumps being the most efficient electric heating solution available on the market for ‘Passive House standard’ new builds with claims of 1:3 energy ratio, especially as we go deeper into a fuel cost crisis in the UK. However you also have to admit that they are not suitable for every building (retrofits in particular) when you take into account the ‘fabric first’ requirement costs, ongoing maintenance costs, electric costs (if these are on permanently as is the case in some locations), peoples budget to purchase materials, cost of refurbish/replacement after 5-10 years, cost of extensive installation damage and spaces required externally & internally for equipment storage.

So what’s the second most efficient and effective product? Far Infrared (FIR) heating gives a constant 1:1 energy ratio regardless of the building heat loss value. That’s actually very effective and efficient as FIR doesn’t waste energy heating the air first, just like the Sun heats you on a cold day without heating all the air surrounding you. That 100% efficiency zero carbon at source, instant heat and regardless of heat loss through the fabric of a building.

So why use FIR?

There are several reasons for example FIR is radiant heating and is most easily absorbed by people’s skin. In fact, all objects, including us emit and absorb infrared. FIR heaters take advantage of the unique warming properties of this radiation. When the FIR waves touch surfaces in a room, heat energy is released and so the ceiling, walls and floor of a room are gently heated. Just like the Sun warms the planet – not the air. A secondary free heat is then generated by the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture heating the air around them – convection heating.

That’s what we call “thermal mass” and because the room no longer is absorbing our body heat, we feel warm. In fact, we are built to respond to this form of heat as it is what we feel when we are in front of an open fire or feeling the sun on our faces. We absorb FIR radiation exceptionally well because our bodies are 80% water and the long wave form acts very effectively on this. If you compare that with conventional heating (like water radiators and ASHP’s), there is a world of difference. The convection process that central heating systems use, for example, is geared to warming the air, which is far less effective in transferring thermal energy to a building.

Our free design and quotation service

We also offer a free design and quotation service. All we need is your dimensioned layout plans (DWG or PDF) and a room height. Also an indication of the particular heaters and/ or underfloor heating you would like to use for your client.

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