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FlexelTouch News

FlexelTouch WiFi News

Two years have passed since the launch of FlexelTouch WiFi thermostats on the market. Thanks to feedback from users, we are constantly working on adjustments and improvements, and adding other features.

A major thermostat firmware update to version 1.06 is rolling out now to units connected to the internet. The update process is automatic so there is no need for complicated manuals to enjoy all of the latest features.

Professional Mode

In addition to several fixes, a major part of the new update is a new mode for use in commercial applications, e.g. hotels, guest houses or public areas where unauthorised changes to thermostat settings are not desirable.

This “Professional Mode” is activated via the thermostat menu. After its activation, the appearance of the thermostat´s home screen changes – it shows only the current heating mode and the temperature setpoint on the home screen, this means that the guest/ user can only set the preferred temperature unit and language, and can activate the off mode or the timer mode, which will enable a temporary change of the temperature setpoint.

All other settings can only be changed by the building administrator via the mobile application. It is possible to unlock the full thermostat menu if one wishes to deactivate Professional Mode.

Company Logo Display

Another great feature of professional mode is the option of having a simple company logo uploaded as a screen saver for a given group of thermostats.

The logo needs to be provided in the .bmp format with the dimensions 320 x 240 pixels, together with information about the user’s account and installation, enabling the identification of the thermostats to which the logo is to be uploaded.

Collaboration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa home assistants.

Another significant update is the option of connecting the FlexelTouch Wi-Fi thermostat application with the Amazon Alexa and Google home smart home assistants.

This feature provides users of these devices with the basic option to control their thermostats from one platform. In addition to manual settings via the application, voice control can also be used.

Using the devices allows control to switch the heating on/off, change the required temperature set point, switch between the manual mode and weekly programme mode, and ask about the current temperature in a given room.

To connect your thermostats you must first create an account using the standard FenixTFT Wi-Fi app, then search for “Skills” (Amazon Alexa) or “Works with google home” (Google Home) in the smart assistant’s applications – Once you have found the Fenix TFT skill login to your account. The smart home application will now be connected and the linked thermostats will be transferred.

All of the Fenix TFT Wi-Fi application’s functions will remain active for more detailed adjustments to settings.

We believe that the new features will enable a wider range of uses for FlexelTouch WiFi thermostats.