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What are typical running costs of underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating from Flexel International can cost as little as 5p per square meter,

This is based on running the system for 7 hours a day. While exact costs will depend on your own individual tariff, insulation is a much bigger influence on the running costs of underfloor heating. The better insulated the floor, the quicker the warm up times will be and then less energy will be used. Ecomax insulation boards will dramatically reduce warm up times, saving you money every time you use your underfloor heating system.

Some customers may consider not using insulation boards as they are concerned about the floor build up. However, using 6mm insulation boards, along with our ultrathin cable mats should only result in a total build-up of 10mm.

That is not a lot, when you consider the savings you will make in running costs. Running costs can also be affected by the heat losses in the room. Areas with high heat losses, such as conservatories can see higher running costs.

In this case, you may want to consider installing our 200W/m2 EcoFloor cable mat. The higher power output means your underfloor heating system will reach temperature quicker, to compensate for the heat losses. Many people still view electric underfloor heating as an expensive option. However, the installation and running costs provide excellent value for money.

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