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What is Far Infrared Heating?

What is Far Infrared Heating and How Does It Work?

With far infrared heating becoming more and more popular as a heating source in the UK, we thought we would take a look at what infrared heating is, how it works, and how you can benefit from infrared heating in your home, office or workplace.

Whether you are considering infrared heating in a new build home or replacing an existing heating source, such as traditional water-filled radiators, we are sure you will find our guide on the benefits of infrared heaters useful.

What is Far Infrared Heating?

Infrared heat is a form of radiant heat, similar to the sun. While traditional radiators heat a room through convection heat, far infrared heats people and objects, providing a more efficient and effective way of heating a space.

Infrared heaters work by converting electricity into radiant heat. The heat is then directly transferred to an object such as a person or surface without heating the air in between. Again, this is very similar to how the sun heats the environment providing a natural and healthy form of heating.

As the infrared heaters will warm up the surfaces in the room ie the walls, floors and ceilings, rather than the air in between, we can build up ‘Thermal Mass’ ensuring that the room will feel warm and comfortable, even if you decided to open a window!

Far Infrared Heating Panels

Why Choose Infrared Heating?

Heats Surfaces, Not the Air

As mentioned previously, radiant infrared heating heats the surfaces in a room, so if a door or window is opened, you would not lose all the heat from the space. This is especially useful if used in shops and offices where there could be people coming and going regularly.

An Instantaneous Heat Source

Infrared heating is also an instantaneous heat source. It starts getting up to temperature immediately and can reach its required temperature within a few minutes of turning on. When paired with one of our programmable or WiFi-enabled thermostats you can ensure comfortable stable heat without wasting money and energy waiting for your heater to get up to temperature.

Easy Installation

Without the need for pipes and radiators, infrared heaters could not be easier to install. They are simply installed either by wall mounting or on a ceiling and then connected to a thermostat by a qualified electrician, or they can even be fitted with a standard plug and switched on as and when required. This takes out the need for any upheaval caused by lifting floorboards and furniture.

Only Heat the Rooms You Need

Our infrared heating does not need to be on in every room of your house, so you can just heat the rooms you are using or planning to use shortly. This ensures that you are not wasting money and energy heating empty rooms for no reason. And with some of our advanced thermostats, you can even set heating zones (rooms), so that you can set the times and temperatures that these zones will be heated.

Energy Efficient Heating

As infrared heaters heat the surfaces in a room or area compared to convection heaters that heat the air infrared heaters ensures that the gathered heat stays in the space rather than dissipating through open windows, doors and the ceiling.

What Infrared Heaters Would You Recommend?


Everyday Domestic Use

The EcoSun UB is a popular, universal infrared heater that can either be ceiling or wall mounted. The UB is available in 3 different sizes and outputs, 300W, 600W and 850W.

The EcoSun UB offers a comfortable environment at a lower temperature when compared to traditional heating systems.

Desk Heating and Church Heating

Our EcoSun K+ Heating Panel is designed especially for the purpose of providing cost-efficient heating to church pews but can also be used under desks in receptions, offices and supermarket checkouts. Each panel can be operated independently ensuring that you only use the energy that you need. The K+ is available in 5 different sizes with outputs from 100W to 400W.

ECOSUN K+ Office Desk

Commercial Use

The EcoSun TH Space Heater is well suited for use in commercial properties such as offices, receptions, enclosed terraces, cafes, restaurants and shops. The clean modern design of the TH, with the option of ceiling or wall mounting, helps the heater blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment and is available in 2 sizes with outputs of 1000W and 1500W.

Industrial Use

The EcoSun S+ High Output Space Heater is well suited for use in larger industrial properties such as warehouses, packaging plants, distribution depots and storage facilities. These heaters are designed to provide maximum heat from height and can be ceiling mounted or suspended to a lower level if space permits. Available in 6 sizes with outputs from 900W to 3600W.