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ECOFLEX Underfloor Heating Cable Kit


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These products can be purchased through Electrical Wholesalers, Builders Merchants, Plumbing & Heating outlets, Kitchen, Bathroom, Tile and Flooring Showrooms.

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ECOFLEX Underfloor Heating Cable Kits provide an underfloor heating solution in your kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. Choosing the correct cable kit for the floor is made simple with an easy to use product table. Simply choose the correct product that matches the heated floor area. ECOFLEX cables are ideal for smaller installations or in rooms with an irregular layout. The cables can be fitted on top of existing wooden or concrete floors that are sound and suitably prepared.

The flexibility of the loose cabling system makes it possible to heat the maximum floor area including hard to reach areas.

Each kit includes: Heating cable, adhesive tape, floor primer, roller, thermostat conduit, instructions & guarantee.

Flexel 10 Year Warranty

Product Variations

Product Variations

Product CodeArea to be heated (m²)Wattage (W)Price (Excl VAT)
CK11.2 – 1.9225£86.86

£86.86Add to cart

CK22.0 – 2.9350£108.98

£108.98Add to cart

CK33.0 – 3.9525£122.60

£122.60Add to cart

CK44.0 – 4.9700£160.66

£160.66Add to cart

CK55.0 – 6.4875£181.68

£181.68Add to cart

2 x CK36.5 – 7.41050£245.18

£245.18Add to cart

CK3 + CK47.5 – 8.91225£283.24

£283.24Add to cart

2 x CK49.0 – 9.91400£321.28

£321.28Add to cart

CK4 + CK510.0 – 10.91575£342.34

£342.34Add to cart

2 x CK511.0 – 11.91750£363.36

£363.36Add to cart

2 x CK3 + CK512.0 – 13.41925£426.88

£426.88Add to cart

3 x CK413.5 – 14.42100£481.40

£481.40Add to cart

2 x CK4 + CK514.5 – 15.92275£502.96

£502.96Add to cart

CK4 + 2 x CK516.0 – 17.42450£524.00

£524.00Add to cart

3 x CK517.5 – 18.92625£545.02

£545.02Add to cart

2 x CK3 + 2 x CK519.0 – 20.42800£608.52

£608.52Add to cart

CK2 + 3 x CK520.5 – 21.92975£654.00

£654.00Add to cart

2 x CK4 + 2 x CK522.0 – 23.43150£684.68

£684.64Add to cart

CK4 + 3 x CK523.5 – 24.93325£705.66

£705.66Add to cart



Product CodeDescriptionPrice (Excl VAT)
TB066mm Cement Coated Insulation Board (600mm x 1200mm)£20.50

£20.05Add to cart

TB1010mm Cement Coated Insulation Board (600mm x 1200mm)£20.50

£20.50Add to cart

TBSW(25mm) Fixing Screws & (35mm) Washers (pack of 50)£18.86

£18.86Add to cart

ET16WWhite Touch Screen Thermostat (16A)£99.76

£99.76Add to cart

ET16SSilver Touch Screen Thermostat (16A)£103.26

£103.26Add to cart

ET16BBlack Touch Screen Thermostat (16A)£103.26

£103.26Add to cart

TH131Manual Room Thermostat (15A)£56.80

£56.80Add to cart


Video Installation

Video Installation




  • Ultra-thin cable
  • ECOFLEX can be installed under many floor coverings including ceramic tiles, natural stone and slate
  • Twin conductor ultra flexible cable simplifies installation with only a single “cold tail” connection
  • Two extremely tough, durable insulation layers which minimises the risk of damage during the installation process and ensures prolonged cable life




  • Approximate Installed Loading: 150W/m²
  • Diameter: less than 3mm
  • 230V supply
  • Twin conductor cable
  • 1 x 3m cold tail connection lead