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Underfloor Heating

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  • Underfloor Heating

    ECOFLOOR Underfloor Heating Mat

    ECOFLOOR Mats are a quick installation solution for use under all types of Tiles or Stone flooring
  • ECOFLEX-Cable-Kit
    Underfloor Heating

    ECOFLEX Underfloor Heating Cable Kit

    ECOFLEX Kits are ideal for self-laying under all types of Tile and Stone Flooring with everything in one box
  • ECOFLEX Loose Cable
    Underfloor Heating

    ECOFLEX Underfloor Heating Cable

    ECOFLEX Loose Cable are for the professional installer and are suitable for Tile and Stone flooring
  • ECOFLEX-Cable
    Underfloor Heating

    ECOFLOOR In-screed Underfloor Heating Cable

    ECOFLEX In-Screed Cables are ideal for new builds with the cable screened in as part of the sub-flooring
    Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX Cement Coated Insulation Board

    ECOMAX Cement Coated Insulation Boards are recommend for under ECOFLOOR and ECOFLEX to prevent sub-floor heat loss.
  • Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX-XPS Uncoated Insulation Board

    ECOMAX-XPS Uncoated Insulation Boards are recommended for under ECOFLOOR over concrete floors for professional installers
    Underfloor Heating

    ECOFILM SET Underfloor Heating Element

    ECOFILM Set is ideal to cover standard room shapes for use under Laminate and Timber flooring.
  • ECOFILM-PRO-Product-Image
    Underfloor Heating

    ECOFILM PRO Professional Underfloor Heating Kit

    ECOFILM Pro Kit are the professional installers choice for under Laminate and Timer flooring were room shapes are a bit more challenging
  • ECOFOIL-Under-Laminate-Aluminium-Foil-Mats
    Underfloor Heating

    ECOFOIL Under Laminate Aluminium Foil Mats

    ECOFOIL is designed to be used in wetrooms such as bathrooms and shower rooms for use under Laminate or LVT and SPC floor coverings
  • ECOMAX-DUO Dual Board Overlay System
    Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX-DUO Dual Board Overlay System

    ECOMAX-DUO Overlay Boards are for use with ECOFILM and ECOFOIL under Carpet and Vinyl to provide a more rigid surface to protect the element.
  • ECOMAX-Lite-Product-image
    Controls & Accessories

    ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation

    ECO-MAX Lite Thermal Insulation must be used when installing ECOFILM to prevent heat loss below the elements.