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Church Heating Solutions

When your congregation arrives at church, you want them to feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the service. However heating a church can present some unique challenges when compared to other environments. After all many churches were build hundreds of years ago. The traditional stone materials and lack of insulation means churches can be draughty – so any heating in the church has to battle against high heat losses.

Churches also tend to have very high ceilings. The large volume of air in the church means conventional central heating would be incredibly costly to run and would take a very long time to produce a comfortable air temperature. In addition any heating that is installed would have to be silent and also fit in with the aesthetics of the building. It might also be impossible to fit heating to the walls or ceiling. Far infrared heating panels can meet every one of these challenges Infrared heating does not heat the air in a room, so energy and time is not wasted attempting to warm a large volume of air in a potential cold and draughty environment. Instead infrared heating works by directly warming the people in the room. For an idea of how it works imagine being in the sun on a cold day. You feel the warmth of the sun straight away, while the air around you will still be cold. Infrared heaters are also completely silent, so they will not disturb churchgoers during the service. As the panels contain no moving parts there is no need for maintenance, cutting down on the associated costs and inconvenience. Infrared panels can be fixed to pews. They are completely unobtrusive so won’t detract from the aesthetics of the church.

Church in Kendal with ECOSUN S+ 3.6Kw heaters suspended from ceiling.

Infrared panels work almost instantaneously. The panels only need to be switched on a few minutes before the service begins to guarantee parishioners a warm welcome. Low cost, unobtrusive and efficient infrared heating will ensure that a church is warm and comfortable for parishioners all year round. You will be able to find Flexel’s infrared heaters from your local electrical wholesaler or builders’ merchants and they can also be purchased directly on our website.


Side profile of ECOSUN S+ unit suspended to appropriate height.

With winter upon us the time to think about heating in the church is now.
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