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Another great meeting this morning with a Pod/ Garden Room manufacturing company to discuss swapping out 2 x 1200w wall mounted electric convection heater units for Flexel International Ltd’s Scottish manufactured Far Infrared Ceiling mounted units.

The company will now be using Flexel ECOSUN UB 600w units ceiling mounted and our FlexelTouch programmable thermostats with every unit sold as their only heat source – saving over 50% on energy costs and a quicker heat up solution.

Ross Iwaniec Director of UrbanPods – December 9, 2020
“So we have set the panels up in our bigger pod and have been trialing out the product over the last two days. Its perfect, it is so good and such a nice even way of providing heat, I’m very very impressed, I’m really impressed! Our pods here are getting a make over during the festive period, so when they are all done we will be opening the showroom again February. If 2021 goes anything like 2020, we should have plenty orders coming your way! Thanks Ross”

These heaters use less than half the energy, fully programmable and free up valuable wall space. Did I mention they are also maintenance free and easy to fit with no moving parts?

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