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ECOFOIL Under Laminate Aluminium Foil Mats


ECOFOIL Aluminium Heating Mats provide electric radiant heat under laminates which are installed in wet environments like bathrooms and shower rooms. ECOFOIL underfloor heating mats are made of a heating cable encased in an aluminium foil.

The aluminium layer above the heating cable acts as a heat dispersion medium and earthing grid making the product suitable for use in wet areas like bathroom or shower rooms where ECOFILM carbon elements should not be used.
  • Quick Installation – simply roll out the mat and fix to the floor
  • Suitable for use under floating laminate and engineered hardwood floors
  • Fully earthed aluminium foil offers electric radiant heat in wet areas
  • Dry installation – no self levelling compound required
  • Low build height – only 7mm when used in conjunction with ECOMAX Lite insulation
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Product Variations

Available Options:

Product Variations

Product Variations

Product Code Area (m²) Output (W) Length (m) Price (Excl VAT)
EF140-1.0 1.0 140 2.0 £57.80

£57.80Add to basket

EF140-1.5 1.5 210 3.0 £79.64

£79.64Add to basket

EF140-2.0 2.0 280 4.0 £93.40

£93.40Add to basket

EF140-3.0 3.0 420 6.0 £127.99

£127.99Add to basket

EF140-4.0 4.0 560 8.0 £162.56

£162.56Add to basket

EF140-5.0 5.0 700 10.0 £190.88

£190.88Add to basket

EF140-6.0 6.0 840 12.0 £219.19

£219.19Add to basket

EF140-7.0 7.0 980 14.0 £237.81

£237.81Add to basket

EF140-8.0 8.0 1120 16.0 £256.42

£256.42Add to basket

EF140-9.0 9.0 1260 18.0 £294.64

£294.64Add to basket

EF140-10.0 10.0 1400 20.0 £332.87

£332.87Add to basket

EF140-12.0 12.0 1680 24.0 £417.15

£417.15Add to basket

EF140-14.0 14.0 1960 28.0 £507.79

£507.79Add to basket



Product Code Description Price (Excl VAT)
EL06 ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation (800mmx1250mm) £5.67

£5.67Add to basket

ADT50 Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape (50mm x 50m) £6.59

£48.41Add to basket

ET16W 6White Touch Screen Thermostat (16A) £87.55

£87.55Add to basket

TH232 Digital programmable Thermostat (15A) £70.04

£70.04Add to basket

TH131 Manual Room Thermostat (15A) £51.50

£51.50Add to basket



  • Advanced fluoropolymer heating cables encased in an aluminium foil
  • Operating Voltage: (230V, 50Hz)
  • Heat Output: (140W/m²)
  • Mat Width: 500mm
  • Cold Lead Length: 3m


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